Humber Heights Community Compost
The Western Environment Centre is excited to begin work on the new Humber Heights Community Compost pilot project this year. The purpose of the project is to work with a neighbourhood to set up a community composting and garden skills learning program.
We started the project in April 2017 by canvassing the neighbourhood of Humber Heights in Corner Brook to find about 100 volunteer participants, or approximately 30 households.

Participants then received information on how the program works. They were each given a household kitchen bin to collect compostable scraps, as well as some materials explaining what items can and cannot be composted.
Two community compost bins have been installed near the local Heights Community Garden, located at Brandon Municipal Playground, off Batstone's Road. Project participants can drop off their compostables at the bins each week, or in the case of limited mobility or other issues, they can request a weekly pick up.
Our composters can create finished compost in as little as six weeks (unlike the typical 1-2 years needed for a typical backyard composter in Newfoundland). The finished compost is an extremely valuable resource for gardeners, and will be offered to project participants and local community gardeners, and potentially sold to the general public as a small fundraiser for WEC. Food skills workshops will be offered to participants, and will be open to the general public as well. Topics include gardening, composting and cooking with local foods.
At the end of the season we will evaluate this pilot project to see how well everything ran, and assess whether the project can continue into the future, or even expand into other neighbourhoods.
Funding has been secured from the provincial government's Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (Solid Waste Management Innovation Fund), the Community Foundation of Newfoundland & Labrador, and the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to enable this project to get off the ground. A huge thanks to all funders and supporters, and we look forward to making this project happen this year.
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